Diabetes Updates

10487429_713768902015621_2186990638628832177_n-1                     At my endocrinologist appointment 6 months ago my numbers were all over the place and some of them higher than they should have been. So when it came time to see the endocrinologist yesterday I was nervous I hadn’t done enough to bring my numbers down. Before my appointment yesterday I had labs which are usually a pain because I’m a super hard stick and they usually struggle and stick me ten times and go through several lab techs to get any blood out of me. Yesterday however the first lab tech got all the blood she needed on the first stick and it was amazing! Then came the dreaded appointment and in my nervousness I got on my phone while waiting for the doctor to come in and looked up my labs which reveled an a1c of 7.5 which was way better than last time and my average blood glucose for the last three months was 169 which is so much better than it had been! Suddenly the appointment wasn’t so dreaded anymore. The doctor came in and was very excited at my progress and we had good visit. Best news of all I get a continuous glucose monitor (CGM)!!! I’m so excited to see what my diabetes future holds both the good and the bad, and to continue sharing it here!!


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